Learn PeopleSoft Fluid!

Live Virtual Online Training

September 20-23, 2021

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time

Have you ever asked:

  • "How do I simplify navigation for my users?"
  • "Why does Fluid 'mess up' my layout?"
  • "Why does Oracle use so many boxes?"
  • "Why doesn't my component's search work?"
  • "If Fluid is mobile, why isn't my Fluid page mobile?"

In class you will:

  • Master business process-based navigation!
  • Use CSS to apply layout!
  • Understand Oracle-delivered page design!
  • Implement Fluid search strategies!
  • Learn mobile development secrets!

September 20-21

September 22-23

What You'll Learn

Fluid 1

  • Master Fluid navigation!
  • Experience Fluid page design!
  • Apply mobile-friendly design patterns!
  • Implement Fluid search strategies!

Fluid 2

  • Create headers and footers!
  • Use Fluid-specific group boxes!
  • Write your own Fluid CSS!
  • Create dynamic tiles!


Do you provide training servers?

Yes! Students will use Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol (standard port 3389) to connect to our virtual training servers.

My firewall blocks Remote Desktop. Can I still participate?

Yes! For the best experience, we recommend requesting a temporary firewall exception. We can provide IP addresses in advance. Just let us know you need an exception. Alternatively, we offer an HTML5 RDP proxy, but the experience is not as good as straight RDP.

Do you provide activity guides?

Definitely! We provide comprehensive, step-by-step activity guides with enough information to guide you even after class.

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! Anytime and all the time. We LOVE questions! These sessions are for you. Bring your questions and participate! The chat feature is always available. These sessions are designed to be interactive.

More questions? Contact us by phone (509) 888-7767 or e-mail [email protected].


Jim Marion

A regular blogger, speaker, author, and all-round PeopleTools master, Jim Marion brings nearly two decades of PeopleSoft experience to his virtual classroom. Jim has experience both inside and outside of Oracle. In a word, Jim has been "there." He knows what it is like to be a customer.